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Other Useful Websites
updated 13/02/2016


Solihull Heart Support Group (SHSG) has noted the following Web sites which contain further information which may be useful to heart patients and their families and carers. You may be interested to take a look:

Please Note: SHSG makes no warranties or representations about the accuracy of any information on any other Web site to which it may be linked. Please check the terms & conditions and other important notices on these sites before using the information.

British Heart Foundation

The BHF is a registered charity and SHSG is affiliated to it. The BHF Web site provides general information and details of contact points covering England & Wales. This includes telephone contact numbers for further information.


Heart Of England NHS Trust

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust Details about Birmingham Heartlands & Solihull Hospitals, the NHS Trust, visiting times, how to get there, travel information, outpatient information etc.


Patient UK

Patient UK is a health website designed to help patients find impartial and reliable advice. It contains over 500 Patient Information Leaflets (PILS), as well as details of 2000+ self help/ patient support groups and similar organizations. All links are explained and reviewed, meaning you can pick and choose which links are relevant to your needs.


Medic Alert

The MedicAlert Foundation - a registered charity. MedicAlert provides a non-advisory service however they work with many organisations that specialise in support and advice for conditions.

Heart UK

H·E·A·R·T UK is a national charity for patients and their families which combines the rich skills of research scientists and the caring and knowledgeable attention of doctors, nurses and dietitians, in order to support all those at risk of inherited high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.


Personal Exercise

Tailored Routines, Classes, Training & Advice to suit you from a BACR accredited trainer. Solihull's best kept secret!


Public Health Corps - America

This American Health Organisation has offered the following advice :-

www.Heart Healthy Diet

www.Heart Disease Calculations

www.Exercise for your Healthy Heart

www.Heart Health & Swimming Pools


BHF Heart Health

Advice from the BHF on Heart Health Information. Health